Madison Thrift Store Guide

Agrace Thrift Store – Madison East & West

East: 2402 E Springs Dr
Sun & Mon Closed
Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

West: 118 Junction Rd
Sun & Mon Closed
Tues-Sat 10am-5pm

With four locations throughout south-central Wisconsin, Agrace Thrift has what you need at an affordable price. Agrace covered their bases by having East and Westside Madison locations and a location in Janesville and recently opened a Home Store on Stoughton Road. Be sure to follow the East, West, and Janesville locations on Facebook and Instagram to snag all the good finds on Thrifty Thursdays, a one-day sale that differs between the three locations. Sign up for a Shopper Club Card. Every ten dollars you spend, get a punch in your card. Once your card is punched fourteen times, get ten dollars off your next purchase. While you can only get card punches at the three standard thrift stores, the card is redeemable at the Home Store. Not to mention that these cards do not have an expiration date. Before you decide to donate anything, double-check their website and read-up on what Agrace is allowed to take from you and what they cannot take off your hands.

Boomerangs Resale Store

1133 N Sherman Ave
Sun & Mon Closed
Tues-Fri 10am-6pm
Sat 10am-4pm


Boomerang Resale has multiple ways to reward your purchases. For every ten dollars spent, you earn a punch in your card. Punches are capped at two per day. Earn a fifteen-dollar in-store credit once the punch card is completely filled out. Military identification earns ten percent off every day. Boomerang has a monthly tag sale for all second-hand clothes shoppers, up to fifty percent off the chosen tag color. “Like” their Facebook and Instagram, so you don’t miss this sale that happens during the third and fourth weeks of the month. At the end of the month, the color tag sale drops to ninety-nine cents for every item with that tag color for two days only. To honor our elders, on Tuesdays, all customers sixty years and older receive twenty percent off.

Goodwill Madison Northside

2901 N Sherman Ave
Sunday 10am-6pm
Mon-Sat 9am-9pm

Our Mission

Located near Warner Park, Northside Goodwill of Madison is conveniently on Sherman, just off Highway 113. With a Dollar Store, Ace Hardware, Walgreens, and places to eat, you won’t be driving out just to go to Goodwill. Recently reorganized to make shopping easier, Northside provides the cleanest merchandise out of all Madison-area Goodwills. A well-lit open space with clothes for everyone. With clothes sorted not just by size but also by color, you are bound to find what you’re looking for promptly—senior discount on certain days and fifty percent off on Sunday and Monday with specified tag color. Free parking and easy access drop-off location. Whether you want to donate or want some fantastic finds, Northside Goodwill should be on your thrift list.

St. Vincent De Paul Store

1309 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703
Sun 10am-5pm
Mon-Sat 9am-7pm


The Society of St. Vincent De Paul was founded in 1833 in France. Reaching the United States in 1845, the Society made it to Madison in 1925. Currently, St. Vincent De Paul aids with poverty by helping work a food pantry, charitable pharmacy, and storing belongings for homeless folks. Their seven Madison-area thrift stores extend focused donation, too. Stop in at the Willy Street location to find eclectic and name-brand clothing, books, music, and even furniture. Show support on April fifteenth for Willy Street’s LP Record Event day.

Midwest Vintage608

556 Grand Canyon Dr, Madison, WI 53711
Sun, Tues, Weds 2pm-5pm
Thurs-Sat 12pm-6pm
Mon Closed

With a unique layout, Midwest Vintage offers one-of-a-kind pieces and articles. Prices are reasonable with excellent customer service. Carrying deadstock that your run-of-the-mill department store won’t have, their shoe selection is astounding. The owner is customer-obsessed and will ship merchandise to you if you are not in Madison. Make sure you follow @midwest_vintage608 on Instagram as they do not have a website, and this is where you will see their inventory that moves quickly, so keep your eyes on the ball. For incredible streetwear, vintage, and sneakers at a reasonable price, Midwest Vintage608 is where you want to shop.