Leasing Manager

The Leasing Manager is responsible for leasing, marketing, and operations. Duties include, but are not limited to:
• Conduct leasing and marketing activities for prospects from the first contact through lease execution, events, and promotions.
• Coordinate and participate in marketing activities and events.
• Ensure all marketing and leasing information is maintained accurately and timely.
• Coordinate renewal activities.
• Execute annual Marketing Plan within approved budget requirements.
• Resolve/mediate resident(s) conflicts.
• Maintain effective communication with residents.
• Maintain confidentiality of company, client, and resident information.
• Maintaining cleanliness and organization of office, work areas, and property.
• Keep supervisor informed of important operational matters, events, or requests.
• Inspect grounds and common areas to maximize curb appeal.
• Maintain physical appearance of property and model units and “readiness” of model units and common areas.
• Maintain control of keys and access to the property and common areas.
• Perform move-out inspection and assess charges to residents.
• Ensure property, facilities, and equipment are maintained in accordance with contractual requirements and established policies and procedures.
• Participate in Make Ready Process.
• Ensure lease and guarantor agreements and addendums comply with regulations and are properly approved.
• Ensure all lease and related documents are fully executed.
• Maintain accurate tenant and lease information.
• Collect all rents and fees in accordance with lease agreements, regulations, and established policies and procedures.
• Monitor compliance with the lease agreement.
• Charge and bill all rents and fees due in accordance with the lease agreements and established policies and procedures.
• Process all receipts in accordance with established policies and procedures.
• Monitor lease expirations and maximize renewals.
• Complete Weekly Operations Reports as directed by supervisor.
• Report incidents in a timely manner.
• Identify and report safety and security risks.
• Maintain a safe community environment for both residents and employees.

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